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high definition

Blue light protection for sharper vision and focus*


60 capsules

30-day supply

Reduce eye strain*

Preserve mental focus*

Support healthy sleep*

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Our lives are surrounded by screens and our eyes may be paying the price

  • Eye fatigue
  • Blurriness
  • Headaches
  • Healthy sleep

You could be experiencing eye lag

Just as jet lag affects your levels of alertness and fatigue, overexposure to blue light can have the same effect on your eyes. Studies show that our eyes are extremely inefficient at blocking blue light from digital devices, which can impact the most sensitive areas of the eye — and can lead to blurry vision, dry eyes and headaches. 1,2

Stay focused, sharp and more comfortable

Counteract prolonged blue light exposure with a physician-created eye health supplement formulated to significantly reduce eye strain to help your eyes perform optimally, despite increased screen time. Just two daily capsules can provide long-lasting blue light relief for people who spend much of their day looking at screens.*

  • Reduce eye strain*

    Improve your ability to adjust to bright light conditions, judge distance, and distinguish different objects onscreen.

  • Preserve mental focus*

    Reduce eye fatigue and headache frequency so you stay alert and focused on the task at hand. 2

  • Support healthy sleep*

    Offset blue light that can suppress the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that can affect your ability to fall asleep. 2

A closer look at high definition

Powerful ingredients and better nutritional absorption

key ingredients


Lutein & Zeaxanthin

Powerful nutrients that block photo-oxidative damage to the retina from high-energy light waves.3 These carotenoids are only available through diet and work to protect eyes from inflammation.

Found in: kale, spinach, broccoli

Lutein 25MG
Zeaxanthin 5MG



Polyphenols that protect eyes against blue light-induced retinal photoreceptor cell damage. Helps to prevent and reverse cell damage produced by free radicals.4

Found in: bilberry fruit

Bilberry 150MG

We believe that healthy, natural nutrition can change your body — and your eyes.

That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that everything about our supplements, from ingredients to formulation, meets the highest standards possible.

our promise

  • Powerful ingredients with optimal nutrient absorption

  • Certified gluten-free and non-genetically modified

  • Verified 100% vegan